First : from word (this paper attempted to potential employees)

Her comment:

This paper is based on the research done.. You should be highlighting on your paper is focusing on what. Should relate this to the problem and the need for job description.

Second: in all analysis of the problem part

Her comment:

The literature should be incorporated in the problem and also in the proposed solution where you need to justify why is it a problem and when you proposed a solution it should also be as per agreed by the suggested literature.


Proposed solution:

First: In all of this part

Her comment:

Your solution should be related to the problem identified. For example you suggest that there should be job description in the work place.. Therefore state the process of coming up with the job descriptions.


Second: in the line number 6 the word (labor)

Her comment:

Are you suing this approach? What are the things that you collect and you need to show how this is being done.

Third: in implementation part

Her comment:

Your proposed solutions should show how you have come what with the job descriptions in detail, whereas in the implementation sections explained how the HR department at the organization will implement this? Are there distributing it to their workers or it is being kept in a manual/ or can it be access in the computer etc.

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