“How to Tame a Wild Tongue,” Gloria Anzaldua


“Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan “


1) In the first part of your response, summarize ONE of the above readings in 3-4 paragraphs (exception:  for Jefferson and Stanton, summarize the reading in 2 paragraphs).  See summary tips.  Identify and put the author’s main argument and supporting arguments into your own words. Define any key terms that the author uses in the text of your summary. 


2) Then in an additional paragraph, compare and contrast the reading to another reading (choose a single point of comparison).  To support your response, include a relevant quotation from each reading to support your response.  Please use the following format: 


· Begin with a topic sentence that gives the quotation some context.  


· Quote the passage, properly introducing your quotation and citing the quotation in-text.


· Include 3-5 sentences of analysis discussing the connection between these 2 quotations.  


3) Paraphrase one of the above quotations using the instructions given in class; be sure to introduce the quotation with a signal phrase and citing the quotation in-text.  This paraphrase is an element distinct from Step 2.  Please clearly indicate which quotation you are paraphrasing.


4) Include a complete Works Cited entry in MLA format (for most entries, follow the “Work in an Anthology” model; see the Directory of Works Cited models in your Writer’s Reference handbook).  The Works Cited must contain entries for the reading and any other sources consulted.  For your CRR, the Works Cited entry does not need to be listed on a separate page.

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