Looking at how the RAF’s intent to contractualise some Logistic functions affects its supply chain and how that has a knock-on effect on supporting Operations worldwide. Looking more specifically at supply chain management for aircraft platforms – C17, C130J, A400m, F-35 etc.

I am required to also use a questionnaire: 
• Study design – Survey through the use of interviews. If not effective in providing usable information with an observation style study will be implemented. 
• 30 Participants – 33:33:33 ratio between Commissioned, Non-Commissioned and civilian participants selected through a pre-investigation questionnaire to evaluate relevance to the investigation (in a management role or not) 
• No potentially vulnerable groups
• Method of data collection – informal semi-structured interviews.
• Methods of data analysis – information from an interview placed on a Qualtrics database and then analysed.

This is the brief:

The Independent Research Project is a self-managed programme of study which requires a range of skills to be developed and used, such as organisation and planning, time management, research skills, intellectual enquiry and analysis, and producing effective documentation.

You will be required to undertake both primary and secondary research to inform your research project. The extent of this research will be dependent on your research project type. Primary research is developed from data collected specifically for the research project being undertaken. Secondary research is information which is already available to you from a range of sources; the data which underpins this research was originally collected for a purpose other than your research project.

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