How did the communism influence Milos Forman’s work in Hollywood?

Feedback on Research Paper (Research Paper attached) written by you:

After a problematic start this semester and some weak drafts you have got together quite a coherent and presentable paper and offer some interesting analyses of the films you cite. You will need to want and find some variation in how you approach and analyse your topic as working through more films in just the same way you have done so far might prove to be a bit dull; so different perspectives, arguments, discussion, different views (referenced in a more sophisticated way than you have done up to now) etc would be good for you and the reader, especially as regards the American/Hollywood period where the influences and possible critiques of communism are likely to be more metaphorical or indirect, presumably. In particular you keep mentioning ‘style’ but show no signs as yet of finding a way to approach or analyse this topic. What is it about the filmmaker’s style that interests you or you think is important or relevant to your topic? Original research as you suggest at the end would be excellent but any interview material etc would have to be done with care.

I still do not understand your mentioning that The Firemens’ Ball begins with some account by Forman himself of how the film was received when first released. So, this cannot have been in the original film….

IMPORTANT: Referencing (All essays must contain both footnotes and bibliography. Page numbers of books also) – please see the attached document ‘Attribution of Sources’.

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