How are pragmatism and analytic philosophy uniquely American movements? What ideas make them different from the way Europeans of the same period were thinking?

Write a persuasive, formal letter to a specific European philosopher. In the letter, argue that this philosopher is incorrect in his or her view about a particular issue.

Provide support from your readings, examples from your experience, and your own analysis to prove the philosopher wrong
Using the list of philosophers provided by your facilitator, select a quotation that best represents each of the philosophers.(will provide) Explain why this quotation is an accurate representation of the philosophers ideas, historical significance, and key contributions. Include at least one reference

What role does justice play in post colonial philosophy? Why was an education in philosophy important for post colonial thinkers? How did financial considerations and the international market affect the pre colonial, colonial, and post colonial world s experiences with justice and injustice?
How did Mary Wollstonecraft affect first wave feminism? How did Simone de Beauvoir s writing shape the second wave? How did the events of the first and second wave affect each other?

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