Critical Analysis Essay Guidelines Important Dates: ● Final Paper Due: NOVEMBER 27 Note: There will be a one point grade reduction for each day that work is late. ▲ You are completing and reporting the results of the Holistic Approach to Jokes (pages 115-121) exercise in your textbook. Follow the directions in the textbook to complete the exercise AS WELL AS the instructions and changes that are contained within this booklet. 2 ► Format Requirements 1. Papers are to have a minimum length of five (5) typed pages of text plus a title page. 2. Margins will be 1″ top and bottom and 1.25″ inches right and left. 3. The font will be Times New Roman and the font size will be 12 with double spacing. 4. Page numbers are required for each page except for the title page. ► References and Sources 1. You are NOT required to use references for your paper. BUT IF YOU CHOOSE TO USE REFERENCES, they must be either academic sources (books, chapters in edited books, and journals) or newspapers. WEBSITES ARE NOT TO BE USED unless it is a newspaper’s archive. The library’s online databases are fine. 2. Any idea that is not your own must be cited. DO NOT USE ANYONE ELSE’S WORDS WITHOUT GIVING THEM CREDIT. This is plagiarism; it is stealing and it is cheating. You will receive a failing grade for this paper if you do this. You have been warned. 3. IF YOU USE REFERENCES: They must be cited in parenthesis within the text of your paper. The style is as follows: Author’s Last Name SPACE Publication Date COLON Page Numbers Example for one author: (Smith 1999:23) Example for one author and multiple pages: (Smith 1999:23-25) Example for two authors: (Smith and Jones 2000:23) Example for more than two authors: (Smith et al. 1998:301-309) 4. IF YOU USE REFERENCES in your paper they must be listed as a footnote on the same pages that they are used. Use an academic style guide for formatting, such as APA or AAA, or see me for help. ► Submitting Your Completed Work 1. Your final paper is due on NOVEMBER 27, 2016. Before class is over on this date I want: 3 A. A copy of your paper handed to me in class. B. A digital version of your paper uploaded to Blackboard SafeAssign. -If you have a problem uploading your paper to Blackboard SafeAssign you should email it to me directly. Note: If either of these is late then your assignment is late. ► Grading Considerations An “A” Paper: -Addresses its topic in a direct and compelling manner -Is organized in standard essay format: Introduction, Body, and Conclusion -Avoids irrelevant material or discussion -Is organized logically and presented with sound reasoning A “B” Paper: -Shows a weak relationship to its topic -Relies on irrelevant materials -Displays incomplete organization and inconsistent logic A “C” Paper: -Does not relate to its topic -Relies on irrelevant materials -Use of source materials is questionable -The organization is irregular -Difficult to read and illogical A “D” Paper -Ineffective at relating to its topic -Its organization is difficult to follow -Its lack of logic is pervasive and confusing An “F” Paper -Was not turned in during the semester -Was plagiarized 4 u What does plagiarism look like? Original Text: Bedouin concern for the sanctuary of a tent is also manifest in accounts current among them telling of hosts who even desisted from taking revenge on guests who had killed their clansmen, once these guests had entered their tents. OPlagiarized Text: Bedouin care for the sanctity of the tent is additionally manifest in accounts contemporary among them telling about hosts who even refused to take revenge on guests who had murdered their kinsmen when those guests entered their tents. PParaphrased Text: The Bedouin tent as a place of sanctuary is reflected in stories still circulating today about hosts who restrained themselves from exacting revenge on wrongdoers once the latter had become guests in their tents (Bailey 2009:287). Reference: Bailey, Clinton 2009 Bedouin Law from the Sinai and Negev. New Haven, CT: Yale University Press. 5 ● Project Changes: Exercise 3 – Holistic Approaches to Jokes – Textbook Pages 115-121 → Change every mention of “American” / “United States” / “U.S.” to “UAE” or “Emirati”. → You will ONLY perform and submit the part of the exercise listed under “Your Turn” on page 120. However, you need to familiarize yourself with the examples on pages 118-120 to know what you are expected to do. → Select a comic from an Arabic language source AND provide a footnote reference for it. → You DO NOT work in small groups – you work as an individual. Nevertheless, you may find it useful to consult with a classmate. → You DO NOT answer QUESTION #3, QUESTION #4, QUESTION #5, QUESTION #6. However, you do answer QUESTION #7 and QUESTION #8. ALSO, QUESTION #1 and QUESTION #2 should be addressed in your paper as they relate to YOUR cartoon. → You DO NOT draw lines with arrows and text to your cartoon. INSTEAD, provide your explanation in the content of your paper. → Your cartoon WILL NOT take up more than HALF a page. → In your INTRODUCTION tell me why you selected the cartoon you chose. → Final Comments for Exercise 3 – Holistic Approaches to Jokes It will be helpful for you to refresh your understanding of holism in chapter three of your textbook as you work on this project.


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