Great Scott!  You have invented a time machine. (“Back to the Future”)

You have chosen the Industrial Revolution as the mega event in history you want to travel back to and visit.  Your customers will be able to jump back and forth through the economic, socially, and technological time.


TASK: You and your partner will create a time travel brochure advertising your machine and the exciting possibility of visiting the Industrial Revolution


v  Write a descriptive paragraph (minimum 5 sentences) of each event (in your own words)

  • Some events may lend themselves to more than one paragraph

v  Include a minimum of one picture for each event

v  Explain the key people your customers may meet

v  A summary of the Industrial Revolution and why people should visit this event


v  Telegraph – Samuel Morse

v  Steam Engines – Thomas Newcomen

v  Lightning rod – Benjamin Franklin

v  Flying Shuttle – John Kay

v  Submarine – David Bushnell

v  Steamship – Jacques Perrier

v  Spinning gin – James Hargreaves

v  Cotton gin – Eli Whitney

v  first electrical capacitor – E.G. von Kleist

v  first radio receiver

v  first man-made plastic – Richard Gatlin

v  Child Labor – Mining

You are trying to sell the idea of time travel and the possibility of experiencing the Industrial Revolution.  Be creative and have fun!




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