United States History From 1865 to Present
Please choose ONE Prompt below and specifically address all the points for full credit.
The essay must be typed, between 1,000 and 1,500 words, Times New Roman font​,
double-spaced​, one-inch margins, with Essay Prompt number and topic clearly
displayed​ with name on paper, properly cited in Chicago Style using endnotes or
footnotes (no exceptions) (.doc, .docx., .pdf, .rtf only).
Stay tuned for more possible readings and links. Be very clear to state which of the
Prompts you select for the essay. Course texts and sources (including lectures) are
required for citations, then, additional sources are permitted.
Readings-​ ​The Twentieth Century, Zinn through chapter 4
Foner Through Chapter 20 Give Me Liberty, Volume II, 4th or 5th ed. (main text);
Stone/Kuznick Intro, chapter 1 and chapter 2 Untold History of the United States
Jensen, Carl, ed. Stories That Changed America: Muckrakers of the Twentieth Century
Stone, Oliver, and Kuznick, Peter to p.67
Be sure to use Chicago Style

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