You have inherited a 50 acre farm in West Tennessee in which you will be the farm manager.  As farm manager, you will have to decide how you will manage the land and what type of cattle operation you will have.  This plan should be 3 pages minimum (not including reference page or diagrams) double-spaced.  Text should be in Times New Roman, 12 font with 1 inch margins.  Your paper should include a cover page at the beginning and reference page at the end.  In addition to the paper, you can add diagrams or drawings of your farm which will not count in your 3 pages.  Your paper should include the following:

  1. Pasture Management- 15 pts
    1. How many acres will be used for pasture?
      1. How many paddocks, barns, etc.
      2. How many animals in each paddock?
  • Pasture Rotation
  1. How will your animals obtain water?
  2. How will you maintain your pastures?
  3. Will you use any acres for crop production or hay production?
  4. Bovine, Small Ruminant, or Equine- 10 points
    • Type of Industry
    • Breeds on Farm- history on the breed
    • Use of Animals
    • How many animals on the farm
  5. Health Prevention Protocols for Each Species-20 pts
  6. Nutrition- 5 pts
    1. We have not covered a lot on nutrition, but remember, the health of your animals depends on the plain of nutrition. You will have to do a little further researching to find the nutritional requirements for each species and age group.

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