1. Conduct a ?walk-around? at your worksite to identify potential health and safety
hazards. Describe in detail the job task, process, number of workers impacted,
frequency of exposure and other details about the job and exposures. If you
are unable to physically walk around, use other resources such as employee
interviews, surveys, or your own knowledge to identify and characterize the
hazards. If there are no identifiable hazards, identify what could be potential
2. Describ the hazard(s) and provide an overview of its key characteristics. For
example, if it is a chemical provide its name, properties, how it is used, how
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workers are exposed to it, etc. Use the internet or the library to research about
the properties of the hazard to help describe it and what is known about it.
3. Describe the types of health problems and symptoms associated with exposure
to the hazards you identify. Describe the route(s) of exposure and any illnesses
or problems workers may be experiencing as a result of exposure or contact.
4. Identify and describe OSHA standards or regulations that apply to the subject
hazard(s) at your worksite. Identify if there are no standards for the hazard or if
current standards are inadequate, then describe the inadequacy. NOTE:
Relevant material may be used from previous assignments.
5. Identify the methods that may be used to evaluate the hazards to determine
employee exposures and risks. Are there records such as the OSHA Injury &
Illness Log? What about a worker survey or interviews? What about traditional
IH methods such as air sampling or use of direct reading instruments? In this
evaluation, include suggestions of what methods are needed to continually
monitor worker exposures and risks.
6. Describe any control measures currently in place and using the hierarchy of
controls as your guide, identify and describe control measures you deem to be
appropriate for the specific hazards you?ve identified at your worksite. Justify
your recommendation.
7. Identify the additional resources needed and potential solutions for improving
worker protection and overall worker health at your worksite.
8. Include references.

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