Subject Healthcare

Topic     healthcare finance

Type      Essay

Level     High School

Style      APA

Sources                4-5

Language             English(U.S.)


Mountain Village Clinic [Case_]. Write a paper of 3 (APA Format), noting at least 4 peer reviewed sources. Analyze and discuss the following: (1) Patient volume at the clinic is highly seasonal because the vast majority of the business occurs during the ski season, which generally runs from December through March. Consider the following: should seasonal variations be incorporated into the clinic’s target cash balance? In other words, should the balance be higher during months when cash needs are greater?

(2) If you were to recommend a credit line amount to seek from First Bank, consider what additional information about the business you would want to have and explain why. Based on your analysis, how large a credit line would you recommend the clinic seek from First Bank? In your opinion, what are three key learning points from this case?

Text Book

Pink, G. Understanding Healthcare Financial Management (7th ed.).

Gapenski, L. C., & Pink, G. H. (2014). Cases in Healthcare Finance, (5th ed.). Chicago, IL.: HAP

(Case Studies)

Other: Any additional scholarly journals needed to support the paper.

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