The evolution of health care enterprise portals, especially Healthcare Enterprise Application Integration Portals (HEAIP) are changing the way in which health care is being delivered. These portals offer an aggressive decentralization of the health care delivery process that is now extending into the eHome initiative. Number the document from 1 to 5 and answer the following: 1. Identify and explain some of the major components of enterprise portals. 2. What value do enterprise portals offer a health care delivery organization in terms of technical support, upgrades, and maintenance? 3. How do the costs, direct and indirect, of enterprise portals relate to non-portal based applications? 4. How do HEAIPs enable large scale integrated HIS (healthcare information systems) applications? 5. What factors might lead an organization to decide to adopt a HEAIP approach? What factors might steer it away from this solution? Note: Do not write introduction & conclusion. Do not plagiarize. You can research on the Internet or books/journals & you can add additional references.

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