Health Economics

The answers for these 2 questions are in the powerpoint, please answer them according to the powerpoint slide i have just uploaded 
Question: (800-1000 words) please dont go over 1000 words
a) As an economic advisor to the Health Minister, how would you respond to the following question raised by a member of parliament?
“Access to food is more important than access to health care. Why do governments intervene more directly in markets for health care compared to markets for food?”
There is no doubt that access to food is one of the fundamental needs in the life of every person. A hungry individual is unproductive, and a hungry society has a decreased economic growth. However, the food market is different to the healthcare market. Food, land and other properties are rights that are provided by nature, and individuals may decide to fight for them when they are taken away from them. Similarly, just as, if not more, fundamental is healthcare which the World Health Organization, (2000) has stated that everyone should have the right to explanation of reasons for market failure in healthcare market.and moral hazard and adverse selection. 
b) What do you think should be the objectives of a health care system? How would you finance and organise the system to achieve this?
Within your answer you should detail;
• How you would raise funds
• How you would pay Doctors
• How you would finance hospitals and other health care services

An ideal objective of a healthcare system is associated with efficiency and equity. explain equity and efficiency. taxation to raise funds. only in public hosiptals. the answer is in the slides. 
The most releveant reference is these: 
Donaldson, C., (2011). Credit crunch health care: How economics can save our publicly funded health services. Policy Press.
Donaldson, C., and Gerard K., (2005). ‘Economics of Health Care Financing: The Visible Hand (2nd edition)’. Palgrave/Macmillan, London, 2005. CHAPTERS 7-8

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