Welcome to your final writing assignment. For your last writing you will be looking at the issue of money in political campaigns and elections. As each of you knows, PACs are political action committees. They function as a conduit to influence politicians and voters. The amount of money that PACs have been able to accumulate and spend as influence has varied over time. There was a McCain Feingold act which limited PACs and that was modified by the Citizens United case.



Our concern as a society is to make sure that healthcare is available to people but the method of distribution varies in the minds of many people and other interests. The medical professionals, the insurance industry, “big Pharma” and patients all have overlapping interests and conflicts of interest. 


 Your task is to write a memo of a length of 5 pages, laying out the challenges of PACs, the problems which they present, the current status of the law and your suggestions on what, if any, limitations you would recommend. I have posted some resources but you may use any others which you feel are appropriate. 


Paper must be written in APA format with a minimum of 3 references. 


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