Assignment One: Health and the media  Due: 11:55pm ET Sunday Week 2     Overview  The media plays an important role in providing information for the public.  In terms of health, social media, documentaries, and other news sources can provide health education to those without access to health education and information, or supplement the education and information that people have access to.  The purpose of this assignment is for us to examine a health focused documentary, identify the agenda of the fimmakers, evaluate the quality of the sources used in the film, and describe the positive and/or negative role that media can play in health education.     Instructions  Construct a 3-4 page paper that explores each of these three areas: 1.Identifies a documentary focused on a major health issue 2.Summarizes the agenda of the documentary, providing sociological relevance 3.Evaluates the quality and credibility of the sources used in the documentary 4.Describes the role that popular media, and increased access to documentaries can play in educating the public about major health issues.  Identify both strengths and challenges.

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