a cover page listing your name(s) and title
Cite all references using APA style
double spaced, using 11 or 12 point font.

Search the Internet and find 5 healthcare information system vendors that offer EHR products. In a short paper, compare and contrast the functions and features of each product.
Find and critique in a short paper a sample RFP for a health care organization. Think about the following questions when writing your critique .What were the sections included in the RFP? Based on the reading, what was missing? What did you like about it? What aspects of it did you feel could be improved, explain.
Assume you are the CEO of a large group practice (75 physicians) that implemented an EHR system two years ago. The physicians are asking for an evaluation of the system and its impact on quality, costs, and patient satisfaction. In a short paper, create and document a plan for evaluating the EHR system’s impact on the organization in these three areas.
Do an Internet or library search for recent articles discussing the HIPAA Security Rule. From your research, write a short paper discussing the impact of these security regulations on health care organizations. How have these regulations changed the way organizations view security? Do you think the regulations are too stringent? Not stringent enough? Just right? Explain your rationale.
Investigate any one of the following roles and interview someone working in this type of position. Find out the individual’s roles, responsibilities, qualifications, background, experience and challenges, ask how important IT is to their organization. Summarize this information in a short paper.
Chief Medical Information Officer
Chief Security Officer
Chief Technology Officer
Nursing Informatics Specialist
Clinical Systems Analyst
Biomedical Informatics Specialist


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