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Please include the following in Assignment 2:

A. Synthesis of the Relevant Literature: This is a brief descriptive overview of relevant literature related to the purpose of the lab project, 1- 2 pages in length. Use the 4 search topics (keywords) you developed for Assignment 1, or those you have chosen as you have learned more about your project. Select at least 4 peer-reviewed journal articles to read and discuss. In addition to those 4, you may include other supportive articles from other sources, such as trade publications, mass media (print or electronic), or other mainstream publications. In this section, you will be reviewing scholarly journal articles, books, databases and professional or scholarly websites. Because of this, you will use APA format when writing this section. Use in-text citations for quotations and paraphrasing, and include an APA formatted Reference Page with the assignment. There are 3 helpful documents on writing a synthesis of literature posted under Writing a Synthesis of the Relevant Literature.


Section B does not require APA format. You may use a question-answer format, a question with bulleted answers, complete sentences, or any other formatting of your choice. Be sure the information is clear and understandable to the reader.


B. Purpose Statement and measureable Project Outcomes: Now that you have developed a better understanding of your project by reviewing relevant current literature and best practices, apply the Leading Change Framework to determine your thesis statement, including project outcomes: (adapted from Skelton-Green, Simpson, and Scott, 2007).



• What do you envision as the outcomes of this project? 

Give at least 2 measurable project outcomes that would occur if the project is completed successfully. Think of these as the anticipated benefits or services that will be available to the agency as a result of your successfully completed project.


You listed a preliminary purpose statement in Assignment 1. Now that you are more familiar with the organization, and have more knowledge of the project, it is time to finalize your project purpose. The two project outcomes you developed above are used in the purpose statement. These anticipated project outcomes must be measurable. That means you have some method of evaluating whether they have been achieved or not. See a template and examples of purpose statements posted under Weekly Materials, Week 1 and 2 –Orientation and Leading Change Proposal, Handouts for assistance in writing your purpose statement.


• Purpose Statement:

Finalize your purpose (thesis) statement: (“The purpose of my project is to…). 





Skelton-Green, J., Simpson, B., Scott, J. (2007). An integrated approach to change leadership.


Nursing Leadership, 20 (3), 1-15. Retrieved April 5, 2009, from http://www.longwoods.com/product.php?productid=19277&cat=511&page=1


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