This essay will be an analysis of ten different guitarists who all have different contrasting styles. The essay must be minimum 4 pages, maximum 6. 

The prompt is a bit open ended, and the important task is really to identify what makes the guitarist unique from the others and the aspects of their playing which you enjoy and might wish to acquire. There’s also the option of talking about what you don’t enjoy. One aspect I’d like you to address is how the guitarists fits in the context of the band: what role are they playing? Are they taking more of a leader role or are they simply supporting the music? How are they contributing to the music and enhancing/diminishing it?

Here’s the list of guitarists:

1. Gilad Hekselman (

2. Jimmy Page (

3. Jim Hall (

4. Jack White (

5. Kurt Rosenwinkel (

6. Camila Meza (

7. Greg Tuohey (

8. Tomas Kalnoky (

9. Kurt Cobain (

10. Charles Altura (


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