ssignment Overview

For this assignment, you will create a chart to summarize and respond to chapters of Philosophy for Dummies. This chart will assist you in better understanding the material by practicing discriminatory and critical thinking.

Assignment Instructions

Read Philosophy for Dummies, by Morris
Chapter 4: Belief, Truth, and Knowledge
Chapter 5: The Challenge of Skepticism
Chapter 6: The Amazing Reality Basic Beliefs
Summarize chapters 4, 5 and 6 by constructing a two column table for each chapter (one page per chapter).
The left-hand column should be a summary of chapters 4, 5, and 6.
The summaries should include Morris’s main points, support for main points (in the form of citations) from the text, and Morris’s position on what he is writing about.
The right-hand column is your response to the chapter.
Your responses are to include at least two citations from other sources that support your comments.
Responses are to include passages you don’t understand for which you would like further clarification.
Assignment Requirements

3-page paper (not including cover page and references)
6 references (Two for each chapter; two references from other sources)
APA style formatting (Title page, in-text citation, reference page)

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