Kwun Ho Ho, Harris

Ms. Caroline Johnson


22 Mar 2014

Research Proposal

            How many of you know China? From dragon, pandas, the Great Wall, kung fu, even world’s factory. However, do you know any Chinese history? Some poeple still thought Mao Zedong is a good leader and thinker, but I don’t think so. They don’t want to face their history and they don’t want to promise their big mistakes. The Chinese cultural revolution is a good example of Chinese government’s crime. Whyshouldthe Chinese governmentbe stillreluctant toorder thecrimestheylaunched inthe Cultural Revolution? Also, their internal party power struggle spread to the whole Chinese, even they destroyed their Chinese traditional culture: honesty and honor, ethics, ancient, andcalligraphy are totallygone. Any kind ofcivilizedactivitieswill havea significant impacton humancivilization, so the ChineseCultural Revolutionmust be acrime. They must have  introspection, repentance and atonement for the history of the Cultural Revolution. I thinkthe Cultural Revolutionis a seriouscrimeagainst humanitycivilization;it is thepainfullessons of historyof human civilization.

I still remember my grandfather told me an oralhistory about theCultural Revolution.He told me those red terrors were so cruel. My grandfather’s pawn shop was occupied by the Chinese Communist, then they persecuted my grandfather. Fortunately, he fled the Chinese and smuggled into British Hong Kong. This can relate to how people treat Queen Mary during in French Revolution moment. On the other hand, I interested in this topic for a few reasons, because this topic for me gives me an opportunity to tell the facts to everyone known. I want people to understand the Chinese government’s crimes, and with some action against China such as to boycott all the Chinese products.

The cause of the Cultural Revolution is long time ago, it is even far into the 1789 terror periods of the French Revolution. They use violence for the first thing and violence as their romantic. The most important thing is they learned from Soviet Union’s Lenin and Stalin. Lenin and Stalin launched the October Revolution in 1917.That was highly affected by terror period of the French Revolution. Stalin purged his party members in the 1930s. China fully learned the way of the Soviet Union, such as the People’s commune, the Great Leap Forward, and so on. The results certainly ended in failure, but there is someone else to clean up defeat finally. In this project I will let you know about everything, such as the Cultural Revolutions general background, the cause of the Cultural Revolution, the development process, the end of the Cultural Revolution, and the impact of the Cultural Revolution: I just know that something on the surface. Actually, the Cultural Revolution is a very complicated process. We must look back up all data files, and we have to understand all the relationships between all the characters and factions. Also, after which they consolidate the struggle, Mao Zedong controlled everything, he did have any powerless, and other people opposed. In the end, the Red Guards turned into a riot.

Finally, I thought Chinese Revolution have some points to relate in World War Z. First, Chinese Revolution had a one policy is let all the high-level intellectuals to banishto the country side to work in there. It is same with World War Z. All the high-level intellectuals need to be compelled to work humble jobs. Also, all the people are anti-intellectualism.

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