graduate trainee in Sainsbury’s

Coursework Requirements
You are a graduate trainee in Sainsbury’s and you are asked from your manager to write a report that analyses the marketing communications campaigns used by a range of supermarkets operating in the UK. By reviewingSainsbury’s competitors marketing communications campaigns you should comment on any ‘‘noise’’ issues, problems/gaps that the company (Sainsbury’s) should considerate.
• Examine a range of UK supermarket marketing communications campaign. Students should provide analysis for at least three supermarket chains besides Sainsbury’s.
Students are expected to include in their analysis the following points for each of the supermarkets (including Sainsbury’s):
• Who are their target audience?
• What do you think the marketing communications objectives are?
• What promotional tools (i.e advertising, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling, sales promotions) and promotional material (i.e brochures, leaflets, flyers, posters, videos, stickers, website, bags/notepads/pens etc) have they used and why?
• What media have they used for any promotional material and why have they used the media?
• Critique the current marketing communications activities.
• The last task of this report is to recommend any changesfor the company that you are currently working – Sainsbury’s -concerning their marketing communications based not only on their current marketing communications activities but also on those of their competitors.
A wide variety of academic references (books, academic journals, magazines for professionals) should be used.

Learning outcomes met with this assessment:
a. Describe and discuss the communications process
b. Analyse and critique marketing communications materials


• A. Introduction
Keep this short and give a brief analysis of the supermarket retail sector (key players, market share etc). It is highly suggested to use a perceptual map in order to depict how Sainsbury´s is positioned compared to its main competitors.
• B. Main Part
Students should include in their report at least 3 supermarket chains, besides Sainsbury´s, so in total 4. Preferably each supermarket could be a separate section of the report. In each section/supermarket students are expected to analyze the following:
• Target audience
• Communication objectives
• Promotional tools and examples
• Media and examples
• Critique on communication activities

• C. Recommendations
Students should provide specific recommendations to Sainsbury´s with regards to their communication activities. The recommendations should be based on and linked back with the prior analysis.

• Students should make use of a variety of different resources, books, professional magazines, academic journals, data bases.

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