GP3210 VALIDATING & AUDITING PLANS ASSIGNMENT TWO 1. Coursework Assessors Coursework Assessor E-mail Telephone Tony McAleavy 2 5999112 2. Assignment Information Assignment Length: 1500 words Proportion of total Course Mark: 20% 3. Submission Date Online Submission: Thursday 17/11/16 23:55 4. Submission Procedure Submit your assignment to the “Assignment” link on your module Moodle no later than 23:55 on the day of submission. The uploading process can take some time; therefore, you are strongly advised to upload your work no later than 1 hour before the submission deadline and in PDF format. Late submission will affect your grade Take care that the document submitted is the version you wish to be marked, no alternatives can be accepted – the version submitted will be marked. Please note: It is also important that you keep a copy of your submitted work. 5. Procedure You are to assume that you are an Emergency Planning Officer for the Military, Police or Civil Defence (write the assignment from the perspective of one agency only), and: 1. Recommend a multi-event emergency training, exercising and validation programme for your organisation’s emergency or BCM plan. This should include the types of activities you would undertake, why you selected these methods; along with an explanation of how you would organise such a programme, and which external agencies you might involve. 6. Learning Objective This assignment meets the following Learning Objectives:  LO 2: Articulate how the management of an audit process will be undertaken to establish, create, and validate an exercise”  LO 4: Determine the agencies that may be required to be engaged when validating a particular plan at the emirate or federal level 7. Assessment Criteria Assessment Criteria Requirements Max. Mark Written Presentation  Use of good English grammar and UK/US spell-checker  Appropriate use of academic English and IEM/BCM terminology  Appropriately structured and written  Use of citations & references; including sources for figures, tables, quotes, etc.  Use of the full 1,500 word count; assignments that fall short of the word count may lose marks 15 Part One (L02)  Description of the validation and audit process  Discussion of the benefits of validation and auditing to IEM/BCM planning  Description of the various types of training, exercising validation methods available to IEM/BCM planners  Selection of an appropriate training, exercising and validation methods  Explanation for of choices made  Explanation of how the training, exercising and validation programme would be organised 45 Part One – Continued (L04) Demonstrated knowledge of:  Local emergency and support services/agencies  Emirate emergency and support services/agencies  Federal emergency services, agencies and organisations  International emergency response, aid and support agencies and organisations  Other forms of support 40 Total 100

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