• Every module will have a graded discussion board activity with a specific start and end date. Please check the “Course Schedule” for more details.

• Participating is measured by posting on 1 different days

• You must give your opinion to the assigned question in the discussion board at least a paragraph long (100+ words) with reference if applicable.

• You must make a minimum of 2 postings in total: one new thread and one thoughtful response to different members

• Postings that are in response to other students’ posting are expected to be substantial and meaningful. As an example, an unacceptable posting would be stating your agreement with the previous post

• Do not wait till the last minute to start discussion, you will cause difficulties to your classmates.

• For the “Discussion Board Etiquette”, please check the “Essential Information and Documentation” section in your GeorgiaView course.

• SELF-CHECK: Assess your posts before posting by using the Grading Criteria for the discussion below. The minimum expectation is 3 point out of 5

• Cut off Date: if the discussion assignments are not posted by the END date, point will be lost.

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