Global Poverty Assignment

Argument Essay



This assignment requires you to write a 750 to 1000 word essay that makes an argument about how best to address global poverty.



Your goal in this paper is to argue a specific position within the larger debate about how best to address the issue of global poverty


To do this, you should addressing the following questions: 


• What is the problem?

Research information on facts about poverty- where, who, how many, why.


• What sorts of solutions are currently being proposed? 

Research information on how poverty is being addressed now or in the future


• What are the strengths and weaknesses of those proposals? 

Research and your own position.


• Which proposals do you believe are most effective, and why? 

Research and your own position





Your purpose in this essay is to develop an argument for how best to address rising poverty. Your essay should demonstrate critical thinking and logical reasoning, and your writing must be supported by convincing textual evidence from the readings. 




Your final draft must be in APA, which means that it must have 1-inch top, bottom, right and left margins; be double spaced and set in 12pt. Times New Roman font; and include running headers with last name and page numbers. Your final paper must also include APA in-text citations and a properly formatted APA reference list.


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