Write approximately 2-3 pages (500-750 words) on the following topic:


Show how both the causes (meat consumption, burning fossil fuels for transportation and electricity, and deforestation) as well as the solutions (dietary changes, agriculture, renewable energies, expanded awareness and political shifts) to climate change are strongly influenced by and contingent upon human culture (globalization, religion, lifestyles, gender issues, popular vs folk culture). In short, show how human culture and lifestyle both causes and potentially solves climate change. Make sure to present information from multiple sections of this course, including lectures as well as both Rubenstein and Schwartz readings, especially on the topics of climate change, agriculture, lifestyles and sustainability, energy, religion, gender, and folk vs popular culture.  The chapters assigned for this week’s readings are intended to provide fuel and ideas for the conceptual framing of this paper, but the bulk of the content will come from the rest of the units in this course.


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