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– A simple method based on Newton’s identities arid their
extensions is presented for determining the actual minimum distance of
cyclic codes. More significantly, it is shown that this method also provides
a mechanism for generating the type of syndrome matrices needed by
Feng and Tzeng’s new procedure for decoding cyclic and BCH codes up
to their actual minimum distance. Two procedures for generating such
matrices are given. With these procedures, we have generated syndrome
matrices having only one class of conjugate syndromes on the minor
diagonal for all binary cyclic codes of length n < 63 and manly codes
of length 63 5 n 5 99. A listing of such syndrome matrices for selected
codes of length R < 63 is included. An interesting connection of the
method presented in this correspondence to the shifting technique of .
can you prepare a new paper for publication , i think work on
generation matrices for non-cyclic goppa code be an idea for further

Number of pages     5
Due date     2014-05-29 07:00
Type of Assignment     Research Paper
Academic Level     Ph.D
Paper format     APA
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