Gap Analysis

This section includes a description of the knowledge and skills needed for this position and your knowledge and skills appropriate to the position that you currently hold.


Do a self-assessment of the knowledge, skills, and disposition you currently possess and how well that aligns to the requirements of the position and professional goals you identified. Describe gaps in your knowledge, skills, and disposition based on your experiences (curriculum vitae submitted in Unit 3), your professional goals (submitted in Unit 4), job postings, and your professional assets.


Identify professional organization(s) that you can leverage in supporting your professional goals. Explain the influence and relevance these organization(s) have on higher education institutions. Another approach to this could be to explain the professional organization’s influence on the position, information it can provide, and how that relates to the position’s credibility in a higher education institution. 




This is a 3–4 page assignment. To achieve a successful assignment outcome, you are expected to meet the following requirements:


Cover page. Format according to APA style and formatting.


Body of paper: Cite any and all information that you acquire that is not common knowledge. Also follow the section on Headings.


Reference list: Be sure to include all references from the above components.

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