If you consider your path as a student from the first day of class to now, you may observe that you are also working on a lifelong project. You will reflect on your college-level career as a project and analyze it using standard tools and techniques. A Gantt chart provides a quick and exact view of a project’s schedule. Read Text 6 (file uploaded). Download and install ProjectLibre link: https://sourceforge.net/projects/projectlibre/?source=directory -1. Review the Gantt Chart sample (file uploaded). Create a Gantt chart that maps to your academic career—the Courses and dates (file uploaded) you have taken, you are currently enrolled in, and the courses you expect to take in the future using ProjectLibre. Save your Gantt chart ProjectLibre file and upload it. Do not take screenshots. The Gantt chart shows all the courses included in the curriculum. The chart accurately reflects the sequencing of courses as they appear in the curriculum. 2. In 1 paragraph (6 sentences or more), indicate the critical path. The critical path for the Gantt Chart that you created has been analyzed according to the current sequence of activities. 3. In 1 paragraph (6 sentences or more), discuss the effects of your Gantt Chart scenario on the overall time line of your academic career thoroughly analyzed. Note: Do not plagiarize. Do not write introduction or conclusion and do not write or include any references.

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