Scenario Three
You have many patients with chronic low back pain, some of whom have not improved enough with usual therapies. You are interested in whether acupuncture is an effective intervention. Find the best available evidence in the literature to inform you as to whether acupuncture is a worthwhile treatment for your clients with low back pain.
Part A, Section 1: Background Essay
In a 500 word essay, introduce your topic and explain why an evidence search is required.
• Word limit is 500 words (not including reference list).
• Penalties apply over 550 words.
• Use APA 6th citation and referencing style.
• Double spaced, 12 point font size, Times New Roman or Arial or Calibri font.
• Margins of 2.5cm (1 inch) all sides.
• Reference list can go straight after the essay.
• See UniStep Academic S******s Guide for guidance on how to write an essay
• The examples in this section are longer than yours but the concepts are the same. With lower word limits, introductions and conclusions should be brief.
This essay should provide a background to your topic and introduce the evidence search.The essay should justify overall why you are asking this specific evidence question.
Introduce the problem (or condition), proposed intervention, outcome measures, and if relevant, the comparison.Say why this evidence question is important. Are there any other important aspects to the evidence question that you should mention? If yes, then include those aspects, too. You will need background evidence to demonstrate the above elements.
As an example, your evidence question might be: “Is diet more effective than exercise for treating diabetes?”
In the Part A essay you might introduce what diabetes is, why it is an important problem, why other treatments might not work why diet should be considered as a treatment and why it is useful to compare it to exercise.

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