To Prepare:
Use the Walden Library to identify an early childhood dissertation, written within the last 5 years, that focuses on positive and caring learning environments. The dissertation you read should include in its literature review (Chapter 2) a discussion of how cultural and family influences play a part in establishing supportive learning environments through positive cultures and classroom communities.
• You may need to read/skim a number of dissertations before you find the one you choose to use as the basis for this Assignment.
• Additional information needed to complete this Assignment should be available in Chapters 1 and 5 of the dissertation you choose.
After reading the dissertation, and in particular Chapters 1, 2, and 5, create a post for your blog summarizing the following:
• The title of the dissertation
• The early childhood problem researched in the dissertation along with a brief explanation of the study—study purpose, population/participants, methodology, data sources, and conclusions
• 3 resources used by the author, and why each was relevant to the study
• How the information gleaned from this dissertation may further your work related to fostering supportive learning environments through positive classroom cultures and classroom communities
Please paste this post into your blog. Be sure to read through your peers’ blogs and note any resources that might inform your current and/or future early childhood practice and areas of possible research.

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