This is the culmination of the class, offering you the opportunity to display your film analysis skills. Write a critical analysis of a film you see. You will connect that film to specific concepts from the relevant chapter/s in your assigned reading. This paper must be a minimum of five pages (12 point Font, double spaced). Please adhere to MLA style for formatting your papers.2. Decide which formal element you will discuss in your chosen film (formal elements include: editing, cinematography, sound, mise en-scene and narrative). You may also choose to narrow your writing to one aspect of the formal element (refer to #6 “ thesis”). Often writing about an entire element in an entire film is too broad to be covered in your paper. Try to be as specific as possible. 6. Develop a one sentence thesis, example: “The non-linear editing in Memento facilitates a sense of short term memory loss in the audience” (pages 29-32). This thesis pairs the element of editing with the film Memento.

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