Foreign companies listing on the ASX

Select two companies that have issued prospectuses to list on the ASX this year (i.e. the prospectus is dated 1 January 2013 or later). They
should also be raising capital by offering shares for purchase.

Yourfirms can be currently seeking admission to the exchange or have

listed this year.

Yourfirms should not be:

-investment funds (i.e. they should have some line of business otherthan investing other

people’s money)

-’spin-offs’ (i.e. they should not be a line of operation of an existing listed firm that is being offered as a

separate entity)

-Foreign companies listing on the ASX (these offer CDls, not shares)

lfthe listing document says ‘information

memorandum’, select a different firm.

Question 1

Provide a brief description ofthe activities of each ofthe businesses (100


Question 2

Identify the legal ownership structure of each firm at the time the prospectus was issued. Provide some explanations as
to why the original owners ofthe business considerthat a public company is now a more appropriate structure (200 words).
Question 3


the two issues underwritten? Using the specific characteristics of each IPO firm, explain why the issuers were likely to make this choice
(150 words).

Question 4

Identify any signalling mechanisms the issuers have used in the prospectus. Explain why issuers might use these
signals. What other signals could the issuers have provided? (250 words)

Question 5

Do your issuers meet the definition of small business

priorto listing? Explicitly state your chosen definition of small business (300 words).

make sure to write introduction but do not exceed

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