1.Five Forces and Group Mapping 


Read the Tesla and Ford Motors case studies in the text (Cases 16 and 18). Jot down any additional thoughts based on your general knowledge of the automotive industry and personal experience with buying, driving, fueling and maintaining cars. Background research may be needed to satisfy your curiosity and answer questions raised by your readings and recollections. 


Questions  Please answer all of the following questions:


Chapter 3


1. What is the strongest of the five forces affecting Tesla? What is the strongest of the five forces affecting Ford Motors?


2. Where would you place Tesla and Ford Motors on a strategic group map in the global automotive industry?


2.Discussion Board Post


Knowing your audience is one of the initial steps to being able to create a persuasive argument. Given that this class is about business plan development, identify who the potential audiences of your business plan might be and discuss what is important for them to hear

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