Subject Literature and Languages

Topic     first 4 pages Materials and methods. and next 4 pages Results

Type      Essay

Level     High School

Style      APA

Sources                8

Language             English(U.S.)


Materials and methods


make it an easy experiment please.


Pick 5 country who use glyphosate the most.


Look what area has the most birth defects


Randomly pick 20 differents random people


Test them to see who is going to have it in their blood




make sure the graphs and pie chart can back up my materials and methods and easy to explain. and make this paper ENGLISH SECOND LANGUAGE please (Sorry for caps)










Graph the 5 country who use glyphosate the most (make any numbers)


Gaphs: With chemicals but no birth defects ( make any numbers)


Graph: One without chemicals but still have birth defects ( make any numbers)


the amount who has it and who don’t have it (pie chart)




Please make the graphs the same color.

Spacing Double




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