Assignment is basically to watch a youtube video (link below) and answer questions based on it.

Here is full instructions:

“Your text book, Marketing: An Introduction, Edition #13 is co authored by renown business expert Dr. Philip Kotler. Please read the Note posted to the Week 4 folder for additional information about our subject matter expert, Dr. Kotler.

For your final project, please watch the YouTube Video, Marketing 3.0.

It is an interview with Dr. Kotler by Flavio Motta of Management TV.

This video has had about 97,000 views.

Marketing 3.0 – Phillip Kotler

Please allow adequate time to view the video.

This video is approx. 28 minutes long and it is presented in segments. Be sure you watch all of the segments!

After you watch the video, please answer the questions below.


What is marketing 3.0 and how is it different from 2.0 and 1.0?
What are 3 unique features of marketing 3.0?
What companies are mentioned as using marketing 3.0? Give 2 examples. How are these companies using it?
Why do companies need to market to their employees and suppliers today?
What is ingredient marketing, or inside marketing? Give an example or two from the video.
What social media tools does Dr. Kotler recommend to today’s marketers?
Can the impact of social media marketing be easily measured? Why or Why not?
What are the challenges with Marketing 3.0 in a “global economy”?
How does the trend toward Corporate Social responsibility and cause related marketing help companies today? Give examples of companies and their causes discussed in the video. There are also examples in the text.
Do a little research and provide 2 facts about Dr. Philip Kotler that are not listed in the slide provided or in the video assigned. There are several other videos on YouTube with Dr. Kotler. That could be a resource for you. State where you found your information about Dr. Kotler.

Please review the important assessment details provided below before you begin:

You will be graded on how well you follow directions. Your project needs to be complete to earn the highest grade.

You will be graded on the appearance of your work. Include your name, date and a title on your submission. List out the questions, then write your answers to the questions.
You will be graded on your ability to match your answers to the video presentation and the concepts covered in this course thus far.
You will be graded on the accuracy of your response, the substance of your work and your individual analysis and perspective.

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