The Final Online presentation should be at least 15 substantive power point slides (headers and titles do not count), which should also include pictures and other appropriate graphics integrated into the presentation. The first two slides of your paper should discuss the Senator’s background, education, beliefs, religion and previous career. One slide should consider the Senator’s basic political ideology.  One or two slides should cover his/her electoral history. At least two slides should cover the Senator’s position in congress, including committee and subcommittee assignments. At least one slide should consider the Senator’s role/status in the national party.  At least four slides should cover the Senators’ position on at least four major issues, such as immigration, the environment, energy policy, middle eastern policy, national security and the economy. At least two slides should consider the demographics of his/her state and demonstrate how the interests of those demographic groups are reflected in the Senators voting patterns. At least one slide should include the Senator’s voting record in Congress and rate of Absenteeism.  The final slide should be a bibliography of sources used. You are welcome to contact your Senator if you wish. If you do, they should be cited as a source in your paper. The project is due on Dec 4 , and should be submitted both to the online assignments area, so that I can grade it privately, and to the Discussion provided in weekly content so that all members of the class can read it and comment on it. All students will be expected to comment on at least one other class members’ presentation.  The presentation will equal 20% of the final class grade

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