Final Discussion Board: The roles of work, leisure, and technology and making a living while making a life across the life course
this is the Email form my professor she ask me to paper.
Compare a quotation from one of our texts to one of our other texts with regard to work, leisure, technology or making a living while making a life across the life course using a perspective of your choice.

You do not need to answer all of the questions – just choose one. But you do need at least two quotations to compare (one from each text). And you must make the comparison from some perspective (gender, discipline, etc.). Please remember to say WHY that perspective thinks that way. If you use a sociological approach – is it because sociologists tend to focus on things like status or roles or….? The initial posting for this final discussion board can certainly run more than 250 words, but it doesn’t necessarily need to.

This board is open to ALL of the students in the class. THERE ARE NO GROUPS. You must post to this explanatory board. The one “rule” you must follow (other than all the other ones previously delineated…) is that your two quotations CANNOT both be the same as any one else’s in the class (one may be). In other words, one of your quotations must be completely original and not used by any other student in this forum.

This means you must read all other postings before yours so you know you are not repeating both quotations. Obviously early posters have the advantage here, but you may compare any of the texts. And you may use comparative quotations you have used in your other discussion boards or in your journal entries. And if you have made comparisons using a perspective in prior writings, you may repeat what you wrote. But NOT if you post late and another student has already used the same quotations (even if the perspective is different).

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