Film Analysis

MLA format

5 pages (Double- space)


In this assignment you will focus on the films “Taxi Driver”, “Manhattan”, and “Downtown 81” and the corresponding readings.  As in the previous essay, in 5 pages I want you to choose a scene from each film, to discuss how the issue of “white flight” and the corresponding decline in public services in cities could have led to the high levels of inequality we currently see in cities. Use economic arguments to justify your thesis. 



Link of film “Downtown 81” 




Readings of film “Downtown 81” 






Readings of Film “Manhattan”






Readings of Film “Taxi Driver”




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film analysis

Project description
This essay will be an analysis of one of your classmates’ videos. Do not analyze your own YouTube video. An announcement will be made on the Course Home page that will contain the titles and links to the class videos. Essay 2 must include the following:
1.Introduction: This includes an Introductory Sentence (very general statement about topic), Supporting Examples, and Thesis Statement. Your introduction must be at least five sentences in length.
2.Plot Summary: Summarize the main plot points of the YouTube video you selected to analyze (100-150 words).
3.3 Body Paragraphs: Each paragraph must include elements of the film as described in the glossary (the link to which can be found on the Readings page). Include 1 topic sentence, supporting details and examples, and a concluding sentence. The body paragraphs will be similar to the film analysis body paragraph you wrote for the “The Blob” Film Analysis.
4.Conclusion: This mirrors your introduction and synthesizes the information in your paper. Your conclusion must be a minimum of five sentences. Include a reference page. Cite the YouTube video you selected in MLA format.
5.Format: All papers must be typed font size 12-point Times New Roman. Use MLA formatting. Essay 2 must be 1,250-1,500 words in length.

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