Fenno, Richard F., Jr. 2013. The Challenge of Congressional Representation. Cambridge, MA: Harvard College. ISBN: 978-0674072695.

“Some things to remember that drive me nuts…do not use personal pronouns in scholarly writing and do not use contractions in scholarly writing. You cannot know what anyone thinks, feels, or believes. You can know what they write, argue, contend, or suggest, however. When you cite an author in the text, do not write, “Mr. Fenno argues….” or even worse, “Richard argues….”. Instead just write, for example, “Fenno argues….” or “The author argues…”. Finally, my two pet peeves: it’s means it is, not the possessive, and “impact” is not a verb and you should never use it as such in my presence. ”
These are book reviews, not book reports.

You will be graded on grammar, style, development of argument, depth of content, analysis of the material, and spelling. The papers must be double-spaced; they must have margins of no greater than 1.5 inches; the font must be no larger than 12 point. In addition, you must paginate beginning with the first page of text (i.e. not the title page). In terms of possible citations, remember that if you quote someone, you must use proper punctuation and cite the source. Since you will likely only quote (and sparingly if at all) the author of the book you are reviewing, it is permissible to simply put the page you are quoting from in parentheses after the quotation

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