Are fast food restaurants responsible for obesity in America?

Supersize Me was an award winning documentary film released in 2004 that followed the filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, as he ate nothing but McDonaldâ??s food for a month. His increase in weight and decline in health is document in the film. This film put McDonald is squarely in the spotlight.
McDonaldâ??s Corporation had already been in the spotlight when a lawsuit against them was file in New York alleging that McDonaldâ??s food was contributing to childrenâ??s obesity. A judge dismissed that lawsuit. Several adults had also initiated lawsuits but in March 2004, the House of Representatives approved a bill that would ban such lawsuits. At the same time, McDonald has announced that it would remove its supersize fries and drinks by the end of the year.
What role do fast food restaurants play in the rising rates of obesity in industrialized countries worldwide? Is obesity aâ?”personal responsibilityâ?” issue only or is it an environmental issue as well? Although McDonald has denied that high profile news items played a role in the decision to remove large-sized fries and drinks, do you think movies and lawsuits can be use to bring pressure? Is this an appropriate way to bring about change?

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