Assessment 1 Assessment task: Using your experience of working at a venue, or visit a venue of your choice that relates to your career pathway (conference venue, stadium, hotel, airport), and researching from textbooks and other sources, write a 2,000-word report that includes: ● Evaluate the scope of facilities management at the venue of your choice and the role and responsibilities of an executive facilities manager at that venue. (25%) ● Identify main activities for preventative maintenance in this type of facility (discuss all systems: water, electricity, HVAC, etc.) and evaluate the challenges for maintaining a large facility of this type. (25%) ● Identify which operations would be done in house and which ones could be outsourced. Evaluate the issues related with managing a multiplicity of contractors in this venue. (25%) ● Analyse how quality can be assessed when managing this facility and suggest quality accreditation systems for ensuring a quality service for all users at the venue. (25%)

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