Part 1:

I’d like you to select one of the films you watched last week, and analyze it based on expression of identity. In each of these films we witnessed the thoughts, actions, and voice of a single character. What did we learn about this character? Break it apart and show how the film depicted this person’s identity. This needs to be VERY detailed, from clothes to actions to thoughts, interior and exterior, etc. How does each choice this person makes in the film reveal something about their character? 5 pages.

movies from last week:

The September Issue, The Devil Wears Prada, and Bill Cunningham New York

The Diving Bell & The Butterfly, Amelie, The Lookout, A Single Man, Her, Little Children, and An Education.

Part 2:

The second part of this assignment will be about you. If you were to write/produce a film to express yourself, what would the story be? Why would that be your story? And just like the films we watch, I want a VERY detailed depiction of this story, your character, and how the film expresses your identity. In this second part, I also want you to explain thoroughly how this story represents you. Be creative! Think about setting, other characters, basic narrative, symbols. You don’t have to write a script, but I do want to be able to envision what this would look like, beginning, middle and end, costumes, music, setting, age, etc. Who would play you? Who would play everyone else? Why? Etc. In both parts, I would like you to use external sources, just make sure that you cite your sources, both within the text and in a bibliography. will help you with citing. I’m here for any questions! Each portion is minimum 5 pages, and is due NO LATER then june 29

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