In your reading, videos, and assessments from week 2, you will learn strategies for goal setting, researching employers, and cultivating your social media presence. In a competitive job market, it is critical that you learn how to search for jobs effectively and with purpose.

In a minimum of 150 words, answer the following questions:

Explain what interested you the most about the readings and videos from this week. 

Do you agree that having no online presence when applying for a job is worse than having an online presence that include a lot of selfies and a large social media presence? Have you considered adjusting your own online presence (to increase OR decrease)? Why?

How do you think your research results would set you apart from other candidates?  Be specific!

Explain how you currently use social media and what you think about the benefits and risks mentioned in the readings. Why do you think you have that perspective?

What would be your ideal internship?

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