Start this assignment by reading “Success is no Accident”. Then, create an action plan for your next career move. You may use the Action Plan Template.docx as a reference to organize your paper.

Start by stating your specific primary career goal and in a short narrative describe the implications of your self-assessment (i.e., personality, interest, skills, values) and career exploration (career research, informational interviews, in class speaker’s impact and class discussions) and how those influence or impact your next steps in your career and explain why this is a good fit for you. 

Then in the next section explain how you see your career evolving and devise a strategy for moving towards your ideal future life/work situation (career). Explain in details the interim steps or milestones you have laid out for yourself for the near future (indicate the time frame too). Feel free to elaborate on what type of organization you are working for, what organization culture you prefer, your desired lifestyle, financial expectations, etc…

In the next section under “Key Action Steps” describe specific actions you will take to realize your short-term goals. Move on to specifying needed resources and support in the next two sections.

As a final step, please provide a summary of how has going through this exercise clarified (confused?) or changed your concept of a career and what was your overall learning with regards to your career. Please make sure your answers will not exceed more than 2-3 pages. 

Submit this assignment in-class.

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