Your current position is an educational consultant of English Language Learners (ELL) and Students with Disabilities in the New Brookhaven School. The teachers you are assigned to work with have taught in the school for five to ten (5-10) years. Each teacher is set in his or her ways. The test scores on achievement tests for neighborhood typical learning students is average to above average. Students with disabilities are known to be excluded from standardized testing and from some classroom activities. Five (5) ELL students have also just arrived at the school from the new community immigrant host program. Parents of the ELL students do not speak English and will need an interpreter to work with the school and communicate with teachers. Two (2) of the ELL students are known for exhibiting behavioral outbursts in class. Several of the students with disabilities also have Behavioral Intervention Plans and are behind academically. Parents of the student with disabilities often complain that their children are not receiving a fair education and are treated differently than their peers. The school has limited technology funding. Your position in the school is to create a learning environment that is educationally sound for the ELL students and students with disabilities.

Write a (8) page paper in which you:

*Summarize a background scenario of the school, teachers, teaching environment, and students. 

*Explain how you would establish and integrate programs for students with disabilities and ELL students. Research and cite two (2) case law findings that impact programs for students with disabilities and ELL students. 

*Analyze how school resources and public school funding could be utilized or re-appropriated for technology and specialized programs for student learning and engagement. Research and cite one (1) case law finding or legislative act that impacts school resources and public school funding allocations.

*Discuss how incidents of behavioral infractions will be addressed.

*Recommend how the needs of students and teachers will be met as it relates to student and teacher freedom and safety.

*Construct a plan to meet the needs of ELL students, students with disabilities, and their parents.

*Explain a strategy for securing technology funding to meet student and teacher technology needs. 

*Analyze three (3) potential challenges to your proposed plan and explain how you would address these. 

* Use at least six (6) peer-reviewed academic resources 

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