In McRaney, Chapter 2, the author states, “dealing with lost people will cause us to get our hands dirty and sweaty just like tending to yard work. Part of evangelism is to clear up misconceptions and misperceptions people have about the gospel. Dealing with people and evangelism is often messy.”  How does all of this connect with the essential harvest principles discussed by McRaney, also in the introductory video, and in Chapter 11 of the Everyday Series: Evangelism book?

As you respond, consider your own conversion experience. Explain how it may have demonstrated “the dirty work of evangelism”? From the article written by Dr. Earley, as well as Chapters 19-20 of the Everyday Series: Evangelism book, address if spiritual warfare was part of the dirty work – what part did prayer play in the process then and now, etc.? 

Finally, from McRaney Chapter 1, what role does the Holy Spirit play in evangelism and in reference to the harvest?  Ultimately, referring to McRaney, Chapter 2, make sure that you address how your emerging biblical theology of evangelism and practical experience of faith can assist people in addressing their misconceptions/misperceptions regarding the gospel. (450 words minimum)

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