MAST READ My file ‘executive summary’ seriously and also need read my files which named “task1 – task 6” seriously and then according to these task to write the executive summary, my executive summary only need 800 word. USE THE SIMPLE WORDS TO WRITE THEM, AND USE THE ACADEMIC REFERENCE IN THIS SUMMARY.

And you need use a visual mindmap of “your single story”. Included a timeline your journey has taken you from early childhood to the adult you are today and a mindmap of how you intend to become an HR professional. This might include the impact of this M.Sc. programme, along with other interventions (such as courses, networks and ongoing learning) and the new insights learned from the self-assessment tools.

Then write an 800 word executive summary evaluating your own journey from early childhood to now and how your story may impact on your capacity and capability to become an HRM professional. Reference is to be made to either mindmap in activity 1 or 2 above. ALL of the outputs of 5 tools appendices (in activity 4 below) will form the basis for your self-evaluation in completing this activity. The use of theory must be combined with your self-assessments as evidence of new learnings and insight.

Except a 800 word executive summary, the other words are analysis 5 self-assessment and evaluation tools, I have analysis Belbin and MBTI, so you just according to belbin analysis and MBTI analysis to analysis other 3 self-assessment and evaluation tools. and the outputs of the 5 tools used must be included as appendices and referred to throughout the report.
REMEMBER: MUST read my task 1 to 6 and write this executive summary.

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