Give me an idea how to write an introduction to a research study concerning African American males in the school system.

write an Introduction that addresses:

Is the opening sentence engaging, and does it encourage readers to continue?
â?¢ Is a problem or issue identified that justifies this study?
â?¢ Is the problem framed in a way that is consistent with the research approach?
â?¢ Do you refer to groups of studies to justify the problem’s importance?
â?¢ Do you cite recent literature (within the past 10 years)?
â?¢ Are specific deficiencies in past studies identified?
â?¢ Do you explain how the study will address these deficiencies?
â?¢ Do you explain why the study is significant for audiences?
â?¢ Is the Introduction limited to about 2 pages?
â?¢ Is the Introduction well-written and easy to read?

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