Examine the arguments for the reform of the house of lords

Demonstrate wide reading and a clear grasp of the question. All major points covered. Provides a brief background history on the House of Lords – include and discuss critique of the HOLs i.e. undemocratic due to it being unelected, lack of representation for large parts of UK, discussion on how reform would give the HOLs a full mandate to initiate and amend legislation. Candidates should also include arguments against the HOLs reform, i.e. how it might cause more problems. How the House of Commons would no longer be supreme – the HOLs would become more career based politicians rather than have experts from different fields. Legislation would be harder to pass and therefore would not be able to carry out their manifesto promises as easily because it would become more party based as is with the US model. Offer a brief discussion about the 3 Rs. Candidate offers critical evaluation and independent discussion of all major points with respect to facts, principles, theories and interpretations. Show originality and ability to identify connections between all major points. Present argument in a strong confident writing style; excellent organisation and presentation.

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