I have included feedback from your last paper (prospectus) for help with this. Please let me know if you need me to upload the other papers that you wrote leading up to this final one. Full proposal for a hypothetical program evaluation. Must follow the format and content guidelines delineated in the most recent version of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA manual).

The proposal should include the following content.
1. Abstract
2. Introduction
a) Statement of the problem
b) Literature Review
c) Purpose and significance of the study
d) Research questions
i. Quantitative research question and research hypothesis
ii. Qualitative research question
iii. Mixed methods research question (e.g., How will your integrated quantitative
and qualitative data inform your findings?)
3. Proposed Research Methodology
a) Research design
b) Quantitative Methods
i. Quantitative Participants
1. Number of quantitative participants
2. Sampling/recruitment strategies for quantitative participants
3. Assignment strategies (i.e., how quantitative participants will be assigned to groups, if applicable)
ii. Instrumentation
iii. Quantitative data collection procedures
iv. Quantitative analysis procedure (how will you analyze your hypothetical data, (e.g. Correlation, t-test, ANOVA, Chi-square, etc.)
c) Qualitative Methods
i. Qualitative Participants
1. Number of qualitative participants
2. Sampling/recruitment strategies for qualitative participants
ii. Qualitative data collection procedure
iii. Qualitative analysis procedure (how will you analyze your hypothetical data, (e.g., coding the data to identify themes)
iv. Quantitative Procedure
d) Ethics and human subjects’ protection (Institutional Review Board)
4. Results and Discussion
a) What would you expect your findings to show?
b) Strengths and limitations of your study (possible threats to internal and external validity)
c) Conclusions and future implications
5. References from peer-reviewed journals (minimum 10)
6. Appendices
a) Quantitative design table (revised according to feedback received in prospectus assignment)
b) Quantitative instrument drafts (if used)
c) Qualitative interview/focus group questions (if used)

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